White Label

Enhance your relationship with your customers as you completely white label the ticket purchase/ registration experience. Getix allows you to keep all the credit for your work by adding your logo to sales materials as well as giving you the opportunity to completely customise the customer experience to your needs.

Get started now White Label

Your logo, not ours!

Strengthen the trust for your brand with your customers, by adding your company logo to the sales page and the event ticket. Let your customers know exactly who is holding the event, without getting lost in the crowd of other ticketing apps displaying their own brands. We value your relationship with your customers and are not looking to take them!

Your customers, your service

Don’t rely on other companies to provide customer service that exceeds your own. You’ve worked hard and it would be a shame to lose clients because of inferior customer service from external ticketing agents. Getix sign’s off all email communication with your customers using your company name and redirects all queries back to you, so you can ensure that your customers are getting the service that they expect from your brand.

Embed sales widgets directly into your website

Sell to your customers directly from your website as you embed the sales page widget anywhere that is most appropriate for you. Never have your customers leave your site again as they complete the full purchase process with you. No more distractions, no more completing events, no more doing it like you’re told; at Getix, it’s all about you.

Brand your URL (advanced)

Take your business to the next level as you open your very own event registration platform. Contact us to find out how you can continue branding everything from your dashboard to your sales page URL, allowing you to take a more serious approach to partnering with Getix and further enhancing the guest experience.

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