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Third Party Payments

Already have a preferred payment gateway? Don't let us stop your business; we'll integrate. Get immediate access to your revenue by integrating your current payment processor with Getix or through Stripe. By having full control over your income, we believe that you can make the best managerial decisions for your needs today and inevitably enhance your guest's experience of the event.

Get started now Third Party Payments

Just gone digital?

For event producers that don’t have a current online payment solution, we offer Stripe as our preferred payment gateway. With Stripe, you will be able to accept payments directly into your account and efficiently manage your revenue online.

Already selling online?

Keep the payment gateway that’s right for your business by integrating your current system with Getix. No need to open a new account or sign up to an unfamiliar platform: whether you are already working with Stripe, Paypal or another credit card processor, we will support your current agreements and allow you to continue doing business as usual.

At Getix we don't hold your proceeds, we're just here to help you make them.

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