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Getix will keep engaging with your potential customers until you sell out. We capture leads who drop out mid-transaction using the exit-intent popup, and bring them back to the cart automatically with attractive incentives and email reminders.

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Clean design and non-intrusive method of marketing

Getix ensures that as many emails as possible are collected from your prospective leads, by offering a freshly designed popup, optimised for conversion. Our straight and to the point tool conveys a simple and irresistible message to your guests: let us remind you about this event before tickets run out and you miss out.

In exchange for a contact email, the customer will receive inventory notifications advising them of the dwindling number of tickets available. Customers are further encouraged to leave their details as they know that they are signing up to a notifications service, rather than a company newsletter or a market place publication.

Fully automated, no effort required

Continue promoting your event to hot leads, without needing to increase your budget or time spent on marketing. This built-in Getix feature is automatically activated and ready to capture leads before they have a chance to navigate out of your site.

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