Repeated Sessions

Sell multi-session events effortlessly by organising all related sessions under one title, without having to duplicate your work. Export one report for the entire series, or create individual ones for each session.

Get started now Repeated Sessions

Quick session setup

Sessions are added with a click of a button, maintaining all original event data and only requiring the session specific details to be added. Whether you have a multi-location event or need several time options within the single event, sessions can be added to your account without the need to restart the event setup each time.

Real-time reporting for all sessions in one place

Manage multi-session events efficiently as our cloud-driven services allow you to access your data wherever you are, through whichever device is most convenient for you. Review orders and revenue for multiple events on a single dashboard and download reports for a full overview of each session.

Quick snapshots of the progress of sessions can also be accessed via the dashboard, allowing you to see which sales strategies are performing well or how many tickets have been scanned.

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