Real-Time Incentives

Watch your sales grow as guests are motivated to purchase their tickets instantly, after seeing Getix’s gentle, yet persuasive promotional graphics. We’ll display countdown timers, number of other viewers per page, limited time offers and more so that your customers don’t miss out on a deal and you make a sale today.

Get started now Real-Time Incentives

Increase sales without harassing your customers

Encourage your customers to purchase their tickets immediately, using real-time incentives, by increasing the sense of urgency. Getix uses stylish methods to encourage your customers to proceed to check out and purchase a ticket to your event. Inspired by some of the leading e-commerce websites, Getix has integrated real-time badges such as availability countdowns, limited time highlights and people watching trackers, to help you make the sale.

Don’t overwhelm, encourage

Motivate your clients to purchase their tickets by showing them the exclusivity of your event via real-time incentives. As sales strategies rely more and more on impulse purchases, it is important to highlight to potential guests the urgency with which they need to buy their tickets, so as not to miss out.

Unfortunately, ticket selling platforms often use a multitude of tactics to try and make a sale, causing the to-be buyer to become overwhelmed and leave the page. At Getix, we picked only the most beneficial practices that will help you achieve your sales goals. By carefully designing the sales page, using modern marketing insights, we can provide your guests with a clear and concise journey from the landing page to the checkout, without being overt in the mission to sell.

Real-time badges

When your clients arrive at your sales page, they will be met with real-time data that will be used to both inform and persuade them in their decision-making process. Getix shows the guest how many other people are currently viewing the page, which is used to not only present to them that there is interest in your event, but also that they may be in competition, especially if ticket numbers are limited.

Availability countdowns will further show the guest that tickets, or time, is running out, to purchase at a special price point. Getix will also use phrases such as 'selling fast' and 'last tickets', to help emphasise the urgency to make a purchase.

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