Multi-Language Support

Getix supports over 120 languages and multiple currencies to allow you to create the sales page that you know your customers will understand. Our localisation feature lets you unlock the potential of diverse markets by tailoring the sales page to your needs, for the convenience of your customers.

Get started now Multi-Language Support

Strengthen your sales within a multilingual community

Solidify your relationship with your clients by offering them the opportunity to sign up in their language and prefered currency. Whether you’re hosting international clientele or a segment of your target market speaks a different language, localisation can build the bridge that you need, to create a relationship and convert potential guests into new clients.

By showing your clients that you understand them and can cater to their needs, you can expand your reach to markets that you may not have converted with your primary language.

Efficient tool for multi-country events

Take control and keep track of your global sales with our real-time cloud-based software. When your event moves to different countries, the single event set up with multi-language and currency support will allow you to start selling tickets fast, without the hassle of redoing your page.

No matter where you are in the world, the Getix platform can support your event and supply you with a single dashboard and reporting system so that you have an overview of all your sessions, always at your fingertips.

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