Extract valuable data from your attendees by adding custom questions to your sales page. Utilise the data to provide your guests with a better experience at your event by reacting to the received information, or keep it for future events.

Get started now Forms

Custom forms for complex events

The Getix form builder enables you to integrate fields such as drop down menus, check-boxes and date option questions, into your registration form. Trade show organisers can learn which industries their attendees are from and what company they represent, whilst conference managers can ask their attendees who they are most looking forward to meeting and if they have any questions that they are wanting to get answered during the event.

Producers can also ask more traditional questions such as the guest’s age, dietary requirements and car license plate number, using the form builder.

Data analytics

For superior customer satisfaction, deliver to your attendees exactly what they are looking for by compiling their registration responses with our one-click reports. Use analytics to quantify answers or filter the needs of your guests, through easy to sort data reports.

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