Digital Tickets

Maximise your sales potential and deliver to your attendees what they expect from modern event productions, by digitising your event ticketing process. Deliver tickets straight to your attendees’ inboxes and leave postage and handling complaints, printing issues and lost tickets in the past.

Get started now Digital Tickets

The modern standard for event ticketing

Offer guests the opportunity to purchase tickets at their convenience online and watch as your sales increase. Ticket purchase and registration on hand-held devices have become a worldwide standard, making mobile-friendly sale pages of critical importance. Sell out your event by allowing attendees to register anywhere and anytime, and receive access to your event instantaneously through digital tickets.

Increase customer satisfaction and achieve higher sales

Reduce the need for an onsite ticket box, as attendees access last-minute tickets by registering online. Digital ticketing means that your virtual ticket box is always open and you can continue selling without the need for physical ticket boxes and phone sales. Increase customer satisfaction as guests aren’t left waiting in a queue, instead, receiving immediate online service.

Have your promotions reflect the current market needs

Stay on top of current market trends and keep your strategy agile as you effortlessly respond by changing pricing options, releasing discount promotions and reaching new audiences online.

Getix puts you in control of your ticketing by allowing you to change your displayed content as needed. Whether you see an opportunity to sell a large number of tickets at a different price or have a change in your guest line-up, a digital platform will allow you to manage your marketing effectively and accurately, allowing for better conversions.

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