Check-In App

Reduce wait times and increase attendee satisfaction as you make checking in a short and efficient process through our digital solution. Our check-in app is the quickest way to verify your attendee’s digital tickets by fast-tracking ticket holders with the smartphone scanning app and paper-free approach to ticketing.

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Reduce hardware resources needed at events

Show your guests the future, not bulky scanners. Speed up the event entry process as your staff scan your attendees through, using our app pre-downloaded to their smartphone. By removing the need for third-party hardware, you eliminate the risk of receiving faulty devices or not having enough equipment to process guests during peak times; all you need is internet availability.

Our check-in app is your ticket to independence from unnecessary hassle, costs and the need to communicate with external service teams, because with Getix, you already have everything that you need to make your event smooth, right in your hand.

Review and respond in real time

Feel the pulse of the event in your hand as you monitor its activity in real time. Fetch data from your dashboard and review the number of tickets that have been scanned through, their activity history, and any new sales that have come in since you last sat in the office.

By having up to date registration information in the palm of your hand, you can provide better service and respond to any customer queries, straightaway. From reviewing the data that was submitted by the attendee on their registration form, to managing cancellations and refunds, you can exercise your control over everything related to ticketing with the press of a thumb.

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