Personalise the event page to your target audience. Set unique ticket prices, banners and even change the event language and currency, to make your event appealing to your different target markets.

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Target multiple audiences simultaneously

Take the complexity out of targeting multiple audiences with one approach, by customising your event page information and pricing to each target. Change details such as banners and language, and associate the appropriate price points to your markets to ensure that the right message is being conveyed to your customers.

Make a statement through branded channels

Transform your relationship with sponsors by designing registration pages that are in line with their branding and use pricing points that are restricted to their customers. Strengthen your strategies by monitoring sales made through various channels, using the reporting function, and easily determine your ROIs with your partners.

Exclusive sales for special guests and targeted groups

You don’t need to be a marketing expert to create a personalised experience for your clients. Make a statement and deliver to your VIP’s an exclusive experience by creating a sales page and pricing offer, specific to them.

Go a step beyond coupons and discount codes for guests that need that extra bit of attention and design your sales page in a way that will make them feel special.

Whether you have multiple target markets, sponsors that require branded landing pages or need to push a private promotion to your elite clients, our custom audience feature allows you to convert your viewers into customers by creating a tailored registration experience for them.

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