Advanced Ticketing

Getix supports advanced pricing strategies, allowing you to drive sales through targeted price points, scheduled sale periods, discounts and more. Watch your sales grow as you match custom ticket options to your target market and convert in no time.

Get started now Advanced Ticketing

The power is in your hands

Increase your revenue by pricing your customers right, using advanced pricing options. Respond with lightning speed to market trends and create or change price points accordingly, either on your computer or with any handheld device. Whether it’s adding merchandise to tickets or integrating presale and VIP options, giving your customers the options they are looking for can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Limited time offers

Start your event right by giving guests the opportunity to purchase early bird tickets, whilst saving time with predetermined sale dates to automate the ticketing options for your event. Control your sales by setting limits to the availability of promotional tickets and increase the attractiveness of the sale by showing slashed prices which have been discounted.

VIP tickets and discount codes

Offer special prices or freebies to your most valued guests, without making the price point public. Send unique links to guests, which contain prices directly targeted at them, to help increase conversion efforts. Add a discount code option to your sales strategy and increase purchases made through marketing partners.

For a full list of advanced ticket types, visit our ticket types page

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