How to enhance your event marketing strategy

March 28 2019


The strategy may focus on the who, by showing the presenters, and the what, with an insert of the word ‘workshop’, ‘presentation’ or ‘party’, but so often misses the ‘why‘.
Why should they go to a writing workshop?
Or a presentation about concept marketing?
Or yet another 90s party?
Would you?
How about…

Take your writing skills to the next level and start getting published!

Increase your sales by 50% with an innovative marketing strategy

Meet your next best friend at our special edition 90s party

Now I know what you’re thinking, this is way too many words. How are you going to fit the time, date and address as well as all the presenters onto a tiny banner? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret - that’s what the registration page and the description are for aka your banner should be the clickbait.

So unless your special guest is Richard Branson, your guests probably aren’t too concerned with who the presenters are anyway. ‘This July, London’ will also suffice for the banner; if they want more information, it’s time for them to click that ad and for you to release all the fine details that you’ve been resisting putting on your banner.

This is your one and only opportunity to let your guests know why they absolutely can’t miss out on your event; give them the value - straight up.

It’s time to add credibility to your event

Now it’s true, anyone can write anything, so it’s important to add credibility to your brand and to your event.

Here are a few ways to show your customers that you are serious, trustworthy, and most importantly, are real.

  • Submit your event to a ‘what’s on’ guide. Find a guide that is appropriate for your industry and make sure that you are present there. Online guides tend to be free or at the very least cheaper than taking out print advertising.
  • Spend a good chunk of your time adding to existing conversations on social media. Whether it be Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, make your name be known in your industry. Be THAT person that always has something (useful) to contribute and soon enough people will know you by your name. Before you know it, your event topic will come up in conversation and it will be your time to shine, so don’t shy away from letting people know about your event, because after all, these are your online friends now. By the way, if your topic never comes up, then that might be saying something too.
  • Always be available to your audience. After you have worked your magic and brought potential clients to your social media platform, make sure that you have someone there to answer all their questions.

    We live in an age of action and reaction, where we expect an immediate response to all of our whims and fancies, so if you aren’t talking to your customers when it is convenient for THEM, then don’t be surprised if you receive a ‘thank you, next’ attitude from someone you could have easily converted.

Keep your current clients in the loop

As you know, it’s hard work to obtain new customers, so it is even more important to nurture the ones you already have and to make them feel just as special as the first time that you met them.

The good news is that you should already know a lot about them and their interests. By sending out personalised emails, which have been segmented by interest, location, demographic, etc, and including your customer’s name, you are saying very loudly and clearly that you have exactly what they need.

This is the difference between sending out an email blast that displays a Mr Smith coming to a city nearby on the 3rd of August, and telling your customer that this September they will have the opportunity to learn how to double their client base in a 3 day workshop that will be led by an industry leader who just exited with 5 million quid in his pocket. So they better keep their calendar clear...

Start Selling

You’ve caught their interest and they’ve clicked the link, but there’s still something missing that is causing them to not convert.

It’s time to step up your game and give them a final push with a specialised campaign.

Your ticket registration platform should be able to give you a comprehensive report of lead dropouts as well as your most valuable source for customers. Use this information to create a new banner that will focus on converting instead of only informing.

Remarket to your new target audience an ad that includes a special deal, or ask a past attendee for a quote that you can use on your banner. Remember, they have already seen your initial ad and are interested; they just need one more reason to sign up.

There’s also no reason for you not to launch a campaign on more than one platform simultaneously. Start with a social media campaign, a few days later send out an SMS, and finally end with an email campaign.

This time, when they see your event in their inbox, they won’t automatically send it to the trash bin; they will recognise you now and may even let your email stay until they are ready to book.

At the end of the day its all about creating awareness and hype about your event and then being there when your clients are ready to book.

So there you have it

You can advance your marketing strategy in four simple steps:

  1. Tell your guests exactly what they will gain if they come to your event
  2. Put yourself out there so people know the real you and associate the event with a person, rather than a faceless boring advertisement
  3. Make sure that you don’t forget your current clients by showing them that your event and brand are still relevant to them and that you care about them
  4. Remarket your ad to the most profitable audience on your strongest platforms to close the deal
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