How to continue selling tickets when your event is already happening

March 14 2019


It’s begun. Your event is in happening. The drinks are flowing and the music is going, the people are ready to party.

Or are you running an exclusive six-part series with a speaker that you flew in from abroad?

Either way, the story is the same.

If you see empty spaces on the dance floor or your registration page isn’t showing ‘Sold Out’, then the game isn’t over and you still have an opportunity to bring more attendees in.

So how do we reel them in without recruiting a mascot team? You need to continue running your promotional strategy during the event, however instead of relying only on the people that walk past your doors, you need to go online.

Go LIVE on social media

Sometimes they have to see it to believe it, so show your followers what they’re missing out on RIGHT NOW. Your event is no longer just an ad or a registration page; it’s a living, breathing party and it’s calling out the name of everyone who is still tossing up on what to do with their time. Got a foodie festival? Take a walk around the stalls and do a few close-ups on the delicacies that are available.

Running a club event? Get your camera to the dance floor and convey the vibes to their screens.

Is your tradeshow in full swing? Do a live report from the event, highlighting the special deals, displays and presenters that are onsite. You can also interview attendees because nothing makes a businessman run somewhere like seeing their competitor there first.


Make your event pop with an influencer

Influencers are called influencers for a reason… yes, it’s because they influence.

Align yourself with an influencer from your industry and let them loose at your event. The right person will be professional and know what they are doing, with minimal briefing required. Remember, they are already popular and known to your fans, so no barrier of trust will need to be broken.

Most importantly, they will be able to share their content not just on your company or event platform, but also on their own, which may be much larger than yours. Give your influencers discount codes to further incentivise their fans to purchase tickets to your event and have a chance to meet a famous face.

Mark yourself as ‘online’ on your social media

The prime time to be online is when your event is already running; this is your opportunity to engage and provide solutions to your audience in real time, which, research suggests can increase customer satisfaction by 50%.

From ‘where can I park my car’, to ‘when is DJ Getix playing his set’, this is your time to shine and reassure guests that you are here to help and that they should come to your event.

Furthermore, Google released a study that suggested reaching a customer exactly at the moment that they are considering their purchase, will increase the conversion rates significantly.

Think of it like a salesperson approaching you in a store that you are browsing through - I think you know as well as I do that a smile and a good conversation can end with multiple bags in your hand, as opposed to a quick exit out the shop doors when there’s no assistant in sight.


Sell your tickets digitally

There’s nothing like taking an hour to get ready and taking another hour to get to the venue, only to realise that you have to wait for one more hour before you can even set foot in the event. It’s enough of a reason to keep the PJs on and avoid the whole drama with a decent night in.

So how do you let your potential guests know that your event is worth getting out of bed for and that their entry is guaranteed?

Make sure that your ticketing system is online and that attendees are able to purchase their tickets prior to arrival!


  1. Because an online ticket office is always open - no humans, cash or opening hour signs necessary; your customers can buy tickets at their own convenience
  2. Guests know that they are guaranteed entrance and won’t have to wait too long to get in. *You can add terms and conditions that would nullify their ticket if broken i.e. underage or intoxicated etc
  3. You know exactly how many tickets have been scanned through. This may not be accurate in terms of how many people are at your venue, as people come and go, but it will give you the ability to cap off your tickets to ensure that your venue is sold out, not overcrowded
  4. You can continue pushing promotions to a much greater number of people, than physically possible by hand
  5. Registration page sales alerts can also give prospective leads that extra bit of encouragement to get their tickets, if they see that the event is almost sold out. Think FOMO… it’s real!

So there you have it, if you thought that it was all over when your event started, I think we can all agree now that it is just the time to start rolling up the sleeves.

Here’s a quick summary for you:

  • Use social media to show your followers what they are missing out on if they don’t get to your event right now
  • Grab an influencer to reach more people, within a very targeted audience
  • Don’t leave your phone behind, when the event is running this is time to answer any queries that potential guests are having, which may be preventing them from going to your event
  • Sell your tickets online - it gives you the greatest control over sales and data, whilst giving your fans the convenience that they seek in modern transactions
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