best tips and tidbits for showing off your club event

4 July 2019


How is it that getting people into clubs is so hard?

The DJ is there, the bartenders are good, you’ve even created a theme to try and stand out from the other ten venues on the street.

Yet still each evening is a hit and miss.

Even when the dancefloor is going off, something at the back of your mind tells you that it could have sold better: more bodies could have walked through the doors.

So why didn’t they?

Usually, it comes down to poor event promotion, and I bet you know those pretty girls standing outside the venue will only get you so far, if you want to improve your numbers.

But where did it all go wrong?

Let’s just say that your advertising needs to start way earlier than on the night of.

Do it right from the get go

The trick is really to not only start promoting early but to do so effectively, and that usually means having a good social media strategy, as well as a few surprises up your sleeve.

I’ll let you in on a little secret - you don’t have to spend a lot of time, effort and money to have an effective promotion that will fill your club to the brim.

Which brings me to the beauty of social media marketing - it’s fast to set up and runs on its own once it’s created; doesn’t involve a lot of skill, just a little know-how; and can be virtually cost-free.

Let’s dive into the know-how so that your next event can really pop and shine.

make your advertising stand out, go on you show off!

Creating a digital banner that stands out is the first step to letting the word out about your next club event. This banner can be used in your social media, emails and ticket registration page.

When thinking about the banner, you can take a few approaches for the focus:

  • Emphasise the types of people that you hope to see at your event
  • Make the event stand out using copy, rather than graphics.
  • Feature highlights of the event, such as special guests
Source: pexels

Let your guests know you think they're special, just like everyone else

Ladies night? Afterparty of a movie that just premiered? A bimonthly hip hop fest? If you’re targeting a specific group of people, then make sure that they can see themselves in your banners.

You want to show your guests that they will be able to connect and be part of a group, by having something in common with one another. Most importantly, by making this correlation visually, they will quickly be able to see themselves enjoying the event.

It’s like in traditional tv ads - whether someone is enjoying a burger or sipping on an ice cold drink, the company is saying “look, this could be you!”, and next thing you know you’re walking down the street in the middle of the night, wearing your pj’s and looking for that burger and icy beverage.

Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all done it.


Because advertising works, especially if you can see yourself in the picture.

Make your event sound fancy

If flashy banners aren’t your thing then it’s time to get creative with the power of word and reel your guests in with your smarts.

I’m talking copy here.

The words have to stand out and be memorable, the phrase should be short and sharp; what would get you into the club in three words or less?

Here’s a few ideas of how alliteration can help to get the message across to the crowds:

  • Merengue Monday
  • Tequila Tuesday
  • Wicked Wednesday
  • Throwback Thursday: 90’s Tunes
  • Fresh Friday
  • Synth Saturday
  • Steamy Sunday
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