Let’s Getix

From the thrill of the daily deadlines (let's be honest, you love it) to the excitement of seeing everything unfold for the first time, even to running around putting out fires on the day of the event, because you're the only one holding the extinguisher; we know why you're playing this game.

And we want to play with you.

Getix is disrupting the ticketing and registration industry by bringing in a startup mentality that aims to scale each event to new heights.

Going digital shouldn't be something in the pipelines that you keep putting in the 'too hard' basket - we've made selling tickets online easier than calling your reseller to update their listing... much easier.

At Getix, we aim to make setting up an event with digital ticketing simpler and selling out faster. We've built a system specifically for events that have thousands of tickets to sell: our infrastructure can handle a massive amount of concurrent transactions, and ticket holders are quickly scanned through to the event using our downloadable app.

To ensure that you get to experience all that Getix has to offer, we've decided to make our most popular features available for all of our clients. Whether you need to create a custom registration form for your next conference, or require multiple ticket types for your concert, we'll give you access to our advanced features to ensure that you have all the options.

We’ll even let you run your registration page under your own company name and logo. As far as your guests are concerned, you’re the one running the whole show and not a third party, because we believe that this is what will make your brand stand out.

We're ready to take things to the next level.

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