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Getix is a high-quality event registration and ticketing web app. Using built-in sales and marketing tools, our technology helps event planners sell more tickets online.

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Sell Tickets Online
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how to sell tickets online with getix

The Top Ticketing Platform

Getix is more than a ticket sales page. For over 23K successful events, Getix has provided producers with a premium solution covering payment, ticketing and fast check-in technology.

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Create Beautiful Sales Pages

Design your tickets and your sales page with our user-friendly page-builder, to strengthen your marketing message. Show the character your customers love - apply your brand's full-color logos to all pages, tickets, emails and more.

Price Each Visitor Right

Sell tickets online faster by offering your potential attendees special deals. Power your sales with discounts, limited-time offers, tiered price points and other ticket types.

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Engage in Real-Time

Getix delivers a range of real-time engaging incentives to incite online ticket sales. Based on a real-time data, we show your potential customers proactive content to encourage their purchase.

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Getix receives a 2% service fee per ticket

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What type of events does Getix work with?

All sorts - concerts, festivals, conferences, sports, university and community events etc. Our event booking system is flexible; we welcome all event producers!

Are there any upfront costs or ongoing subscription fees?

No! Use the above calculator to see how much you will receive per ticket and accurately forecast your total income when you sell tickets online with Getix.

How do I receive my event payout?

If you connect with Stripe, you will receive daily payouts containing payments processed seven days prior. Please visit Stripe, or your preferred payment processor for up to date information.

Can I use a payment processor other than Stripe?

Yes. Please contact us for further instructions after you sign up.

Can I add my company logo to the sales page?

Yes! Unless you don’t have a logo, no Getix signage will be visible on the sales page; just yours.

Can multiple teams be managed under one account?

Yes! Add event managers to your event booking system and allow them to oversee individual projects. Please contact us if your company requires more sophisticated registration management software to run on.

Do you have a seating plan creator?

Coming soon!

What do I do if I need help?

Stay calm and shoot us an email at [email protected]. We will respond ASAP.

Can I run a free event with Getix?

Yes! Most importantly, you will not incur any fees for running a FOC event. Getix only receives a commission when you actually sell tickets online.

What are the buyer payment options?

Our registration management software allows your attendees to pay either by credit card or through an online payment processor such as Stripe.

How long does it take to set up my event and start selling tickets?

Less than 5 minutes.

How many price points can I add to my event?

Unlimited! Add as many price points to your event booking system as necessary. This feature is available to all of our customers at no extra charge.

Can I use Getix to offer special deals and discounts to my guests?

Yes! Complimentary tickets, discount codes and hidden ‘invitation only’ prices can all be easily set up when you sell tickets online.

Can I approve each ticket request before it is released to the buyer?

Yes, our easy to use event booking system means that you can choose to individually approve or reject each ticket request. The buyer will only be charged for the tickets that have been approved.

How do attendees receive their tickets?

When you sell tickets online, your guests receive their tickets via email. If more than one ticket was purchased, the ticket buyer will receive all the tickets and will be able to distribute them to other attendees using a share link.

Can I add custom question fields to the registration form?

Yes! Add an unlimited amount of question fields to your registration form and get the answers that you need from your attendees. Online event registration has never been easier!

Do I need to hire extra equipment to scan tickets at my event?

No! Download the Getix app to either an Android or iOS device to start scanning people in. No training or configuring required, just an internet connection and your registration management software is ready to go.


It was important for us to find a ticketing partner that would allow us to brand the sales page and ticket with our logo, and that is exactly what Getix lets us do. Very happy to finally find this solution.

Oliver Y.

The customer service was perfect. The team was always there when I needed them. Thanks Getix!

Thomas R.

I love how Getix shows my customers that the tickets to our event are running out, without being too pushy. My guests don’t feel overwhelmed and I am still able to make a sale. Win win!

Katie B.
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